GCC Tools and Frameworks

Gloplax has a portfolio of digital assets, tools and frameworks that makes setup of GCC’s more effective and efficient while delivering a superior experience to all stakeholders.
They provide end-to-end support through the entire life-cycle of setting up and running a GCC or a captive center, with all the necessary resources, like, expert decision support, financial models, performance metrics, templates, industry data, support vendor information that one needs.
Why have the Tools & Frameworks?
Share the experience and knowledge of leaders in this space, who have built and run successful Global Inhouse Centers.
Provide end-to-end governance to the program, while allowing a consistent approach.​
Deliver a well-managed Global Sourcing Program faster, with higher success rates, at a lower cost and effectively manage the risks.   
The objectives for Tools & Frameworks?​
Demystify the entire process
Allow collaboration across all stakeholders
Provide Transparency
Enable key decision support across all functions
Establish better control across the GCC life-cycle

    The Gloplax Assessment & Unified Governance Environment (GAUGE) provides a systematic way to monitor and govern the program.

    GUiDE tool
    GUiDE tool
    ATMA Tool

    The Activity Transition & Management Assistant (ATMA) allows a company to effectively manage its offshoring program.