About Gloplax

Gloplax specializes in enabling global companies to set up and run their global sourcing / offshore centers in India and The Philippines.

Our Experience and Expertise

We bring extensive experience, cutting-edge capability and tools to drive success for our client partners. Gloplax client partners include marquee brands in the Financial Services and Retail space. We have offices across India, The Philippines, US, UK, and Australia. We are driven by the purpose of ‘making offshoring simple and accessible.’ Our collective deep hands- on experience and extensive expertise across the entire global sourcing lifecycle, positions us uniquely. We understand this business well.

Our collective knowledge has led us to develop a comprehensive view to create an enabling environment, an ‘ecosystem,’ which comprises- technology enabled proprietary & market tools, frameworks, pre-assessed vendors, processes, network of industry experts, and many others. Thus, making offshore build and run easy, transparent, robust, and delivered in shorter timelines.

Our Approach 

We support and offer services across the entire value chain of global sourcing, driven by our core belief that solutions need to be tailored to each client’s unique context.

We offer bespoke solutions for each engagement, buttressed by our unique 3E model making it Effective, Efficient while ensuring a positive Experience for all stakeholders. Gloplax has been formed by a group of professionals and senior leaders from the global sourcing industry.

Our leaders have the inimitable legacy of establishing GCCs for best-in-class Financial Services and building them up to scale. These GCCs now provide a winning upside to the parents’ talent and cost base.

More recently, we have helped set up a Global Capability Center for a global financial company in addition to a global retailer in India.

    Gloplax Corporate Overview