The Offshoring Playbook

GUiDE provides a comprehensive roadmap for starting and running a successful Global Services Center. It has detailed description of all activities that need to be completed to operationalize and operate the center, along with the necessary resources, like, templates, tools, industry data, support vendor information that one needs. GUiDE allows you to select the Operating Model that suits your requirements and adjusts the activities accordingly.

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Why have GUiDE?

Share the experience and knowledge of leaders in this space, who have built and run successful Global Services Centers.

Provide governance to the overall process, while allowing a consistent approach.

Deliver a well-managed Global Services program faster, with a higher success and at a lower cost.

The objectives for GUiDE?

Offer guidance to companies and their team members to effectively and efficiently deliver a successful offshore program Provide key resources, like, templates, tools, industry data, support vendor information, etc.

What GUiDE doesn’t do…

It may not have all the answers that are specific to your needs. But, it does provide you a roadmap and access to experts who can help.

Navigating the roadmap in a structured way or jumping to a particular topic of interest.

Provide a superior experience to the team members who are involved in building and running a Global Sourcing Center.

    GUiDE Overview