Advancements in telecommunication and fibre optics, which made Internet-based communication and transfer of data possible, paved the way for the growth of telecom outsourcing/offshoring to India and the Philippines, which remain the two most favoured offshoring destinations for telecom companies. From cold calls to email marketing and conducting research, telecom offshoring has increased its demand with the fast pace of updates on networks and services.

Offshoring or outsourcing helps telecom companies save on costs and infrastructure, have access to trained and technical qualified manpower, thereby giving their customers a better service offering at a lower price. Customer support, technical support, finance and billing and lead generation are some of the services/processes leveraged offshore by telecom companies. 


    Telecom GCC revenue is on the rise
    Telecom GCC revenue is on the rise
    GCC Success Factors

    The viability of a GCC is proven. Not all GCCs are Successful! So, what are the GCC success factors? Are there guiderails that help assure success? Is there a framework that new and existing GCC's can adopt?

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    The first step for an enterprise, when thinking of offshoring is to build a business case. Gloplax partners with you starting at this very first step.

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    Gloplax offers full life cycle consulting services for GCCs. We have 300+ years of combined experience in building and running GCCs. Gloplax brings proprietary frameworks and tools to provide you a custom solution.