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“We enable companies to build and operate high performing global sourcing platforms by establishing sustainable talent eco-systems, developing strong cultural alignment, adopting robust governance & risk management by leveraging our transformational capabilities through a focus on effectiveness, efficiency, and experience.”

We have designed different engagement models that client partners can choose from based on their business need and appetite.


1 . Enabled GCC

We assist with the setup of a GCC, including Site Selection, Facilities, Tech Infrastructure, Recruitment, Support functions (HR, Finance, Legal, Risk & Controls, Facilities, Vendor Mgmt., Procurement, Communication / Branding, etc.). We provide the Leadership and support personnel till such time that you are able to stabilize your own team and transition the responsibilities.

2 . Hosted GCC

We perform all the activities that are required to enable the GCC, and go on to run the Support functions (HR, Finance, Legal, Risk & Controls, Facilities, Vendor Mgmt., Procurement, Communication / Branding, etc.) on a long- term basis to allow you to concentrate on managing the Delivery and not worry about the enabling functions.


This is a low capex low risk model to get started on your GCC journey. It allows for a fast and flexible setup, with cost efficiencies even at lower team sizes.

3 . Virtual GCC

We also offer a variation of the Hosted GCC where you may not setup a legal entity of your own but leverage our legal entity. Consequently, your Delivery staff are on our books, but it is identical to the Hosted GCC in every way.

In addition to helping client partners through the entire journey of setting up and running a GCC, we also offer some specific services in the global sourcing space.


1 . Develop the global sourcing strategy

Consulting services that assist and support you in identifying the problem and draw out the solution strategy for your Global Sourcing Program across multiple geographies.

2 . Grow the current GCC


Amongst us we have set up, stabilized, and established offshore centers making them a strategic part of the enterprise. We work with you to identify opportunities for greater innovation, efficiencies, and growth in your GCC. Helping to stabilize and then fast track the maturity of the center(s).

3 . Equip and Aid

We understand the nuances in this journey, thus have developed proprietary frameworks, tools and models that are ready to be used. For example – Transition management is one of the most complex but critical aspects, we have a ready framework and tool that simplifies and makes the entire process transparent to all stakeholders

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