Manufacturing companies have leveraged offshore locations for manufacturing purposes for a very long-time taking advantage of low –cost of labor, material and infrastructure in these countries. Now these companies have started to leverage offshore locations for processes and service beyond manufacturing. Backend processes, customer service support, technology infrastructures, application development, finance, accounting, merchandising, marketing and others. India and The Philippines are preferred locations for offshoring for these services.


    17% of manufacturing cos recognize benefits of a GCCs
    17% of manufacturing cos recognize benefits of a GCCs
    GCC Success Factors

    The viability of a GCC is proven. Not all GCCs are Successful! So, what are the GCC success factors? Are there guiderails that help assure success? Is there a framework that new and existing GCC's can adopt?

    Let us build you a business case

    The first step for an enterprise, when thinking of offshoring is to build a business case. Gloplax partners with you starting at this very first step.

    Consult with Gloplax

    Gloplax offers full life cycle consulting services for GCCs. We have 300+ years of combined experience in building and running GCCs. Gloplax brings proprietary frameworks and tools to provide you a custom solution.