Human Resources

The Human Resource (HR) function is the most critical and pivotal in the GCC context. The business of a GCC simply stated  is about ‘talent acquisition and management.’

The HR function is a strategic stakeholder in a GCC’s journey and must get involved early on. HR has a distinct role to play at each stage of the GCC’s lifecycle. Build, Run, Grow and Transform. HR inputs and involvement starts at the stage of business case building for a GCC. 

  • The Build stage entails aspects such as -employment specific local laws, compliances, job descriptions, organizational structure, compensation benchmarks, EVP and others.
  • The Run stage is all about recruitment, onboarding, recognition, Learning and Development (L&D), performance management, employee engagement, and experience.
  • The Grow and Transform stages are enabled by the consistent effort and enablement by the HR function. HR weaves in the practice of innovation in every aspect critical for an organization’s succes.

It begins with being able to attract and retain the most innovative people, framing and implementing organization policies and practices, defining organizational structures, influencing organizational culture that enables employees’ growth and formulating special benefits that lead to job satisfaction, work-life balance, and much more. As businesses become increasingly cross-functional, process improvements and product expansions are necessary for survival in an  intensely competitive environment. The HR function  is an area of immense opportunities.