GCC Infrastructure

GCC Infrastructure setup requires thoughtful design and an effective architecture such that it aligns with the enterprise’s norms and practices. The objective being that the GCC is always and in every aspect  a true extension of the enterprise. The Infrastructure comprises – Technology infrastructure and the Physical infrastructure. Both these constituents have significant lead times for fulfilment and the same needs to be factored in when the project plan is put in place. 

1.Technology infrastructure primarily involves these activities – the network requirements, internet connectivity, data security protocols, the network specs/design, installation of hardware, set up of the systems, understanding the associated risks and compliances both from the perspective of the local legal requirements and the organization’s policies. The end use computing design, support and other such aspects have to be carefully thought through and implemented.


2. Physical infrastructure planning starts from the city selection, to the location selection, the type of office – SEZ/STPI, build to suit, multi tenanted building etc. are some of the choices and decisions that need to be taken early on. The interior design, in premises branding, the look and feel, amenities are some of the other aspects that contribute towards building a space where employees can thrive.

Some of the factors that need to be considered when selecting a location include:

•Availability of the relevant talent

•General costs that include -real estate, labour, cost of living and working index, road and transport infrastructure etc.

•Cultural fit based on the demographics

•The conducive corporate environment which includes Legal and regulatory aspects and the local government stability

    GCC Infra includes technology and physical
    GCC Infra includes technology and physical
    Location Selection

    The key aspects that influence the GCC location selection include Talent Cost Infrastructure Risk


    Global capability centres, offshore units of multinational corporations that operate across the globe, are leading the office space take up in India

    Vendor Ecosystem

    A GCC set up requires myriad services and activities to be undertaken. Gloplax has curated an ecosystem of verified vendors for such requirements.