GCC Success Factors

The viability of a successful GCC is proven and there are enough, and more examples of strategic value-add to the enterprise. 

However, not all GCCs are deemed to be successful! So, how does one ensure success? There may not be a simple formula for success as every company is unique. But there are some success factors that any GCC program needs to consider to increase its chances of turning its GCC into a Center of Excellence(CoE).

The Global Sourcing Strategy – Adopting the right strategy depending on the various objectives and constraints of the enterprise should be the first step. It will address a few topics (like, Work Type, Location, Platform, Governance, Positioning, etc.) that will act as the guide rails for the program.

The Operating Model – This refers to the way the GCC interacts with the enterprise. From the initial days of staff augmentation to the Team extension model adopted by mature GCCs, where the GCC has the same vision, values and culture as that of the enterprise.

GCC Leadership – Although it might seem logical to hire senior leadership as the GCC grows, more successful GCCs have invested in leadership capability upfront and across all key functions. They have also ensured stability of the leadership team over the long term. These are some of the factors that affect GCC’s success.

Gloplax offers a playbook to ensure every aspect of setting up an offshore center is covered and executed correctly. Thus, ensuring the success of GCC

    GCC Infrastructure

    The infrastructure set up for a GCC requires thoughtful design and an effective architecture such that it aligns with the enterprise’s norms and practices.

    Building a Delivery Capability

    The ability to translate the requirements of the individual teams in the enterprise into a sustainable delivery solution from the GCC is key.

    Consult with Gloplax

    Gloplax offers full life cycle consulting services for GCCs. We have 300+ years of combined experience in building and running GCCs. Gloplax brings proprietary frameworks and tools to provide you a custom solution.

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