The Gloplax Approach

At Gloplax, we understand that building successful global delivery requires a strong team with a broad set of complementary skills. Deep knowledge of the Global Sourcing space is the critical differentiator for success in all aspects of this business and the best long-term value for companies comes from a tailored plan.

So, our approach can be briefly be described as;

We first understand the desired outcomes from a Global Sourcing strategy

We translate these into an implementable roadmap.

We offer access to top capability at an affordable price point

We leverage our ready ‘ecosystem’

We bring in experts, expertise, resources to fulfil the business needs 

We ensure that the implementation plan we draw out has the three E’s embedded in it. While Effectiveness and Efficiency are widely understood, Experience is the human centeredness approach. The 3Es are infused in all our solutions, plans and processes. 


    Consult with Gloplax

    Gloplax offers full life cycle consulting services for GCCs. We have 300+ years of combined experience in building and running GCCs. Gloplax brings proprietary frameworks and tools to provide you a custom solution.

    Build your GCC with Gloplax

    Gloplax partners with you through the entire GCC lifecycle to implement your strategic roadmap leveraging its practitioner’s strength and holistic expertise to deliver your target outcomes.

    Let us build you a business case

    The first step for an enterprise, when thinking of offshoring is to build a business case. Gloplax partners with you starting at this very first step.


    Provides a comprehensive roadmap for starting and running a successful Global Services Center.