Over the last three decades we have seen Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) companies leverage offshoring extensively. The BFSI sector

The KPMG – NASSCOM report on BFSI GCCs road ahead published in June 2022 offers a deep view and insights into this sector and the trends.

The BFSI sector has the largest presence across the GCC landscape, employing ~21% of the GCC workforce. The BFSI segment is witnessing rapid embedment of digital and technological advancement necessitating access to skilled and abundant talent. India is an attractive location from this perspective

Banks and Financial companies have been offshoring their business process operations and technology infrastructure, support and application development work extensively. Availability of specific talent like skilled accountants, access to the latest finance and accounting software, assured security, and low cost of labor, has made India and The Philippines ideal offshore destinations. Additionally, digital literacy, a good grasp of the English Language, the infrastructure, conducive government policies further contribute to making it a preferred destination for offshoring.

A large number of banks and financial institutions have set up offshore centers that serve as an extension of the team. 

    BFSI employs ~21% of the workforce
    BFSI employs ~21% of the workforce
    GCC Success Factors

    The viability of a GCC is proven. Not all GCCs are Successful! So, what are the GCC success factors? Are there guiderails that help assure success? Is there a framework that new and existing GCC's can adopt?

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