Gloplax Delivery Ecosystem


    The Design phase will translate the strategy into an implementable plan. It would require all the enterprise functions to come together and start designing their roadmaps. Gloplax will assist the company with this exercise. We provide the policies, processes, controls, access to the right vendors, on-the-ground resources, and deep knowledge of building and running offshore centers.


    This stage defines all the setup activities necessary to start an offshore operation. Several functions need to participate in these activities. The participation has to extend to and include key vendor partners and other service providers within the operating environment. While Talent Acquisition is a crucial activity during this phase, infrastructure building and critical support personnel play a vital role in the success of the program.


    Once the offshore center has stabilized, the next step is to drive for superior business outcomes. Gloplax will help the firm adopt many strategies, like Identifying and pursuing business problems, investing in higher-end capabilities – Automation, Analytics, Re-engineering, Innovation, Connecting with the external ecosystem to acquire additional ideas and capabilities.


    While most GCCs can stabilize their operations, only a few cross the "mature" toll gate. And those who do, often struggle to define what they should focus on subsequently. While the possibilities are quite varied, here are some of the areas one may choose to focus on: Leverage transformation capabilities. Simplify everything. Utilize the engineering and learning capabilities on the global platform to build a "sandbox".