Gloplax Consult Ecosystem

    New GCC - Explore

    The Best GCC Model for your business Setting up a GCC requires a comprehensive study and understanding of ecosystem required to set up and run a Global Capability Centre (GCC). From Strategy to Design build and run, this includes all the elements that go into a successful: Location, Infrastructure, Human Capital , Compliance among others. Run a tool kit driven study with Gloplax the 832 elements that go in to build a world class GCC

    New GCC- Analyse

    Build a Business Case for your GCC Once you narrow down on the GCC elements that are identified as most critical to set up and run your GCC, Gloplax will run a complete analysis of 50 plus parameters that have to considered to build a Business Case for the GCC. These include Financials & Cost assessment, Infrastructure requirements, Operational benchmarks and indices, Talent landscape study and compliance assessments to grow and scale.

    Existing GCC- Re-evaluate

    The Performance of your GCC and gap to strategic objectives. If you have an established GCC, the local leadership as well as the decision makers at the headquarters may like to study and evaluate the performance of the GCC versus the core objectives with which the GCC had been set up. Gloplax will run a diagnostics to cand present a health reports with sector specific industry benchmarks that will lend pointers to optimize the GCC investment wholistically

    Existing GCC- Re-imagine

    Target your GCC to be at full potential and meeting all strategic objectives. Move up the value curve from being a delivery center to a center of excellence. Use Gloplax “Re-Evaluate” templates and toolkits to rebase line all operational and functional parameters. Be it GCC model change, optimizing resources, and in some cases even go back to redesign Gloplax and KMPG will offer you a bespoke solution to maximize return on your GCC investment